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Alot of women like you find me to lose weight.  They want a diet and exercise plan that they can follow.    And, they have already been on so many diets from books, gyms, programs, magazines, etc...   They've tried cleanses and detoxes, special soups, powders and pills....  They have also tried to work themselves ragged by spending hours every day in the gym or following bootcamp contests.  They find themselves 3 months after the contest with an extra 15 pounds and an injury to boot.  They are frustrated because...

DIETS AND CONTESTS DON'T WORK!   If they did, we would all be our right size, and not wasting all this time and energy being frustrated and trying to figure this out.   

Change has to start inside - your mind and your beliefs.  Only when you have looked at your limiting beliefs and explored what the thinking is that led you to where you are right now, can you change.  Only then can you use the tools of goal development, strategies, plans, protocols and accountability to make it happen.

That is why I developed these programs.  To get you out from that cycle and to start treating your body and mind with RESPECT and knowledge.  You can do this.  I can help.

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One-On-One Coaching Programs


You are ready to dig deep and find the "new normal" for your health, wellness, and body!  Expect some major shifts in the way you look and feel, and the way you relate to food.  You will experience lasting habit change and gain personal empowerment.  I'll be with you step by step through your transformation  - to get you where... and who you are meant to be.  This is your time!

The BEST BODY NOW 6 Week Experience Includes:

  • 6 Powerful 1-on-1 phone sessions for accountability, support, and coaching
  • Structure And Support to Breakthrough To Your BEST BODY
  • Uncovering Insight On How Your Body Works
  • 6 Personal Movement and Yoga Training - in person or video conference  sessions with Rebecca 
    • based on your schedule
    • based on your body / abilities / goals
  • Uncovering Your Relationship With Food 
  • Step-By-Step Plans to Help You Leverage Your Cooking Time
  • Step-By-Step Plans To Help You Leverage Your Workout Time
  • Easy-To-Do Movement Videos  - Specifically For YOUR Needs
  • Guided Meditation Audios For Releasing Stress And Weight


- Complete Best Body Now Training Program Guidebook

- Text Question Access

- Recordings Of All Coaching Calls (Optional) 

- Additional One-On-One Coaching Call After Program Completion To Solidify Your Success


28 Day Jumpstart  Plan

In this intense and life-changing program, you will learn the basics of the Best Body Now program and see how the personal coaching will activate your results.  This is not for the weak-hearted!  This program is not a get skinny quick program. It is the beginning of finding more energy and treating yourself to good food, great movement and a focused plan to propel you to your Best You!  

It includes:

  • Structure And Support To Begin To Transform Your BEST BODY
  • Uncovering Insight On How Your Body Works 
  • Uncovering Your Relationship With Food 
  • Easy-To-Do Movement Video  - Specifically For YOUR Needs
  • 1 Guided Meditation Audio For Releasing Stress And Weight
  • 4 Powerful,  One-On-One Phone Sessions For Accountability, Support, And Breaking Though Barriers 

-Recordings of all Coaching Calls (Optional)

-Additional One-On-One Coaching Call After Program Completion to Solidify Your Success


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