Because it is important to celebrate your successes.....    
Can I say... I am so proud of myself (thank you, thank you, thank you!)... 
first for creating a vision of a Wise Women ReTreat back in June, 2015,
and now having it come to fruition starting on Sunday!  

There will be 9 wise, wonderful women enjoying their bodies, minds and souls at a beautiful, exclusive home in warm and sunny Scottsdale, Arizona throughout next week!  They will be pampered and nurtured by the talented Personal Chef, Lea Rumbolo, and body/energy healer, Caitlin Hines.  They will also be receiving personal attention from me in all aspects of body movement, meditation, and transformational  goal setting!  I'll let you know all about it when we return,  who knows, maybe we'll be doing another in the fall!




What does Success mean to you? To some, success is having a great job and making a lot of money. To others, it means having a big family. Some view success as living in their perfect environmental environment; some, living in their perfect spiritual environment. We are all different, but there some principles that I believe are critical for whatever you deem as success.

5 Principles of Success

1. Know Your Outcome - you have to know what you want in order to get what you want! See below!

2. Take Action - Just because you are clear and concise on what you want, you must take action toward that - it will not drop in your lap by just wishing it to be. Some people, like Tony Robbins say that you should take massive action to get that ball rolling. Some say that a little step starts you on your way. Either way - get going!

3. Pay Attention - Be aware of what your experiences are telling you and the results they show. Use failure as a form of feedback and adjust accordingly.

4. Be Flexible - Not going the way you think it should? Experiencing a lot of failure and negative feedback? Maybe it's time to change the direction a bit. Remember, a plane does not always point directly at it's destination, it is constantly adapting and redirecting.

5. Use Your Body And Mind To Assist - An experiment....sit in your chair in a slumped down position, with your head hanging down and your back rounded. Notice how you feel. Now, stand up tall, broaden your shoulders and put your hands on your hips - like Superman or Wonder Woman. Notice the difference. How we move our bodies can defiantly change our outlook. Try this several time a day and see if you get closer to success!



 I've been helping clients define their goals in a clear and concise manner so they have a decent chance of hitting them!

Most people start by telling me what they don't want. They go on and on about what they want to change about their body, their job, their relationships. I totally get it, we think if we verbalize and know what we DON'T want then we are half-way to getting what we really want. If you focus on what you don't want, though, where is your focus? On what you DON'T want! The universe can't help but pull you into that.

But, If you focus on what you DO want, then the universe and your unconscious can figure out how to get you there.

You Get What You Focus On, So Focus On What You Want!

So, sit back and dream. Dream of what you want if you could be or have anything you want. Take some big, deep breaths and really see it.

GOAL - an aim or end in mind...
( I can't read or type that phrase "end in mind" without thinking of Stephen Covey - start with the end in mind!)

The conscious mind is the Goal Setter.
The unconscious mind is the Goal Getter.

Goals need to be aligned with who you are - your identity, and conform with your values in order to have a chance to come to fruition.



I know you all know SMART by now, but I want you to think a bit deeper because I found that when I was working with clients on their physical goals, they almost all came to me with very sketchy ideas...and walking them through the below steps really let them think and firm up some great accomplishments.

S - yes, get SPECIFIC, but also get SIMPLE so the unconscious mind doesn't try to get out of it!

M - MEASURABLE for sure, but how about MEANINGFUL to you...not your husband or wife, or mother-in-law or what all those magazines say - find what is meaningful to you - they big WHY.

A - ACHIEVABLE...and AS IF NOW - yes, act as if you are that or have that right now, the unconscious will help to take you there.
And, how about ALL AREAS OF YOUR LIFE? A positive change in one area of life should impact all other areas as well.

R - REALISTIC - we all know that a 10 pound weight lose in a week is not realistic - and if you do somehow achieve it, it is water weight anyway and will be back on quicker than you can say "give me a glass of water". Make your goals RESPONSIBLE too, safe for you and your environment. (see, that 10 # lose again? Not too safe)

T - TIMED - for sure you've got to have a limit on when you will reach your goal, so you can see your progress and change your actions or end date if necessary. (look above to 5 Principles of Success - feedback and flexibility) And remember, go TOWARD what you want to keep the motivation high.

Ok,  please share with me what your goals are.  If you need help with them, call or email me! I love to help people with their goals!

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I am doing a 30 day - blog a day challenge!  The first week was on.....GOALS!  This week is on small movements to make you more productive, alleviate aches and pains, and improve your posture!  Check it out every day.  Maybe that could be one of your goals???