Progress Not Perfection

Happy Left-Handed Day!  Can you believe there is a day for us lefties?  Who Knew!  Are you left-handed too?

I've been procrastinating sending out an email to you because there is so much, so muchinformation to share with you.  Information that is IMPORTANT, information that couldCHANGE YOUR LIFE!    If you only knew!  Amazing information on:

-  Nutrition (calories or hormones, alkaline or detox, 28 day cleanse or 30 day jumpstart, this diet or that diet)
-  Habit change (Maslow or Transformational, Self-determination Theory or Accelerated Change Template w Biofeedback)
-  Workouts (Crossfit or Yoga, Pilates or HIIT, Metabolic Conditioning or Splits, Steady state cardio or super slow reps)
-  Sleep - m u s t    g e t    8   h o u r s....or else!

  ...I think you get the idea....

Especially around this time of year where people think they need to change and do a "resolution" to change their life 180 degrees.  There is alot of stuff out there.  Are you, like me, also suffering from information overload on your health and wellness?  

Procrastination is most of the time just perfectionism raising its ugly head.  We think everything has to be perfect, so we do more research, gather more information, spend time trolling the web for the best image that goes with our message.....see below!

But, what we really need to do is....TAKE ACTION.  And then, keep taking action.  This is the "1 foot in front of the other" approach (think Abominable Snowman and Herbie, the dentist from Rudolf, the Red Nose Reindeer - yes, I know it is January!).

The "program" doesn't have to be "perfect".   You might not need that new wearable heart rate monitor or watch.   Maybe its ok if you just try 1 new veggie this week instead of getting the whole produce department at Wegman's.  Maybe you just take 1 step.  And then, another.  And then, another. And then, maybe you will be walking out the door to a healthier life and a happier, more satisfied you.

Don't get stuck in perfectionism.  You are meant to be amazing with an active body and mind.  Go take that First step.