Webinar Invite- Lose Weight and Keep it Off For Good!

I recently had an amazing experience that my mentor Melissa Binkley and team hosted down in Ft. Lauderdale...the PureBodyLove Conference.  I am even more inspired to get the word out that we can all be living healthier and happier lives.  Speaking with Dr. Linell King, MD about the statistics of Obesity and Diabetes in the US, I was overcome with an overpowering need to change those numbers and help MORE people get out of the quagmire of getting fatter and sicker!
In the US....

  • $50,000,000,000 ($50 Billion) is spent on Books, Surgery, and Pills for Weight Loss each year
  • There are 108,000,000 (million) people on a diet at any time - 85% of them are women


  • 29,100,000 (million), 9% of the population has Type 2 Diabetes  - and
  • 86,000,000 (million), 37% of people here are pre-diabetic


  • In 1985 less than 15% of the country was obese;  in 2010 more than 66%! 

We are getting fatter and fatter and sicker and sicker.  But, we don’t have to.  


Join me for a free webinar
 “Lose Weight, And Keep It Off For Good - For Real” 

Please register for Lose weight and keep it off for good - FOR REAL on Sep 30, 2015 6:30 PM EDT by clicking this link: 


Join Rebecca Kahn, founder of RebeccaFit Life Coaching and Training to discovery how to lose weight and feel good without extreme dieting or crazy bootcamp exercise sessions. Rebecca will debunk some of the false headlines on diet and exercise. Learn the secrets to being a healthier, happier you by small habit changes that make a big difference.

You will come away with information you will use immediately!

- Why eating less and exercising more isn't working for you AND what to do instead
- Tips for a healthier, quick breakfast for more energy throughout your day
- What types of movement makes you smarter

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We will be debunking some diet and exercise myths so you can GET REAL on what you need for your health. Forward this to your friends and family -  it is too important not to share!