reTREAT Peek!

I am BEYOND Excited!

I just booked the perfect place for our re-TREAT in February, 2016!

Many of you have been on the edge of your seats to find out how the location hunting has been going for our TREAT of a I have the deets....(that's details for all of us over 25!)

Now, remember, that the idea of taking my wonderful friends, clients, peeps, tribe, confidants.... away from the ice and wind and snow and yucky winter weather started last February - in the midst of the icy, windy, snowy, snotty, dry, freezing, brittle bone-chilling-down-to-the-core February of last year.  See, this was us then....

Boston, Cambridge, New York City, Philadelphia...

Remember now?

I would rather focus on next February.  7 months from now.... I see it so clearly...  (fade to sexy man talking...)

You get off the plane In Phoenix, AZ and are picked up with a personal car and driver.  You immediately notice that the weather is perfect, no clouds in the sky, a lovely 70 degree day.   20 minutes later you pull up to your private casa / casita oasis in Scottsdale, behind gated doors in a beautiful desert landscape.  Once granted entry to your lovely home-away-from-home, you enter and see many familiar faces and some new ones.  You are all on the same journey - the journey for peace, calm, warmth, pampering, movement, and the mountains....oh, the beautiful mountains...

Once here you will have your own private room, and all your needs will be met:  private chef, hikes up the mountains, mindful yoga and pilates by the pool, an excursion to Sedona and more, afternoon workshops for enrichment on body, mind, and soul, (massage too!), maybe a wine and chocolate tasting...   Can you see yourself chilling out by the pool, hot tub, and fire pit, and watching the sun go down after experiencing all that the desert has to offer?

The property that I have located for you has 7 bedrooms between the main house and the casita.  There will be 2 dates available for the re-TREATS... 

3 Night:
Sunday, February 14 - Wednesday, February 17
4 Night:
Wednesday, February 17 - Saturday, February 23

More information coming soon.  I want this to be an amazing experience for all of you. An experience of rest and relaxation, of opening and finding opportunity, and of acceptance and gratitude.  This will be more than a vacation - this will be a transformational experience.