Making Your Life Simple - Components Of A Healthy Life

All the books and magazines make it seem so confusing... but here it is, simple and laid out for YOU

Let me know if you agree...

Easy Peasy, right? Sometimes we get a bit off track.  Are you doing the things that make your body and soul healthy?

I'm going to share some simple ways you can Eat Well:

·       Try to eat real food

·       Eat when you're a little bit hungry, not ravenous

·       Stop eating when you are 3/4 full

·       Eat more vegetables

·       Slow down and enjoy

Sometime we sabotage ourselves and don't following these "supposedly" simple steps.  

Reply to this email and I would love to send you a free portion control visual  - kinda fun to see how much real portions should be!

Hope that helps you.  Next email, I will share with you simple ways to be healthier with exercise!  And yes, I know that you don't have time to be a "gym rat".  I'll give you the basics - the minimum effective dose for you to make a huge difference in your body.  And....spoiler might mean to get out of the gym!

STOP here if you don't need to know how I can help you with being a heathier, happier!

That's one of the reasons I'm here for - I help you make really simple - honest! -positive changes that start you on the road to being a healthier, happier YOU.  Not by giving you more stress in a super strict, green smoothie cleanse kinda way...but by finding out what 1 small change would benefit you and keep you motivated.   That sabotage that I mentioned above?  You won't get very far with any changes until we uncover why you keep doing that to yourself.  How many times have you been on a diet or exercise plan and lost weight, felt great, then gained it all back after a couple months?  Then, you maybe beat yourself up because you failed?  This is where I work my magic.  I know the techniques that free you from that sabotage.