Can I Help You?

Are you confused?

Do you know what I do...and how I could possibly help you?

As I've been networking and speaking to more and more people in person and on-line, I've noticed that some people aren't quite sure what a transformational life coach (Me!) does... AND how I can help them or someone they know.  

I just received an email from a client and I think she sums up what I do so wonderfully....

"I've been struggling to lose weight and get fit for years. I know what I'm supposed to eat and how to exercise but something just holds me back from doing both at the same time, consistently. When Rebecca started offering what I call her 'mind over body' approach I figured I'd give it a try -- I've tried lots of things over the years and I'm still open to trying new things 'cause maybe one will finally click with me. Rebecca helps me dig in my brain to figure out why I do what I do.  I'd have to say this has been a kind of awakening.  -- there have been several epiphany moments, I now recognize and own the reflections of myself and my behavioral reactions that leads to the binge eating. I'm letting go of the little girl inside me, I'm valuing who I am, and what I look like. It's not just about a weight goal or a fitness goal, Rebecca has helped me identify personal, meaningful looking in mirrors to admire the person I am."
"Besides the mind, she's given me a 'gym bag' of sorts filled with ways to visualize myself, experimenting with new foods to get over my texture issue, focusing on objects that will remind me of positive thoughts about myself, ways to deal with the want to binge, breathing techniques, self-relaxation, etc. One thing that I love about Rebecca's approach is that it's based on you -- who you are, what you like, your outlook, interests, etc. and has you build from it -- she isn't just feeding you sentences from a book.It's almost like she is leading you through your own personal owner's manual. "

Thank you so much has been my pleasure coaching you!

So, maybe you know that I started personal training back 16 years ago because working out made me feel better about myself and I found out I loved helping others exercise and move in an fun and safe manner.  

Since that time, I am honored to have...

  • worked with hundreds of clients and students to move and appreciate their bodies in 3 different cities; 
  • pursued multiple trainings and certifications in many and varied disciplines and practices;
  • and made my own personal and professional transformations.

I like to think of myself as an agent of change - By listening and asking the right questions, I help you find what you really want...for your body, for your relationship, for your career...for life.  

Think of all the self-help books and magazine articles you have read (or started to read!);  how much advice you've gotten over the years, how much you've promised that you are going to make a change, and then didn't have enough willpower, commitment, or support to make it last.  I hope that in some areas you were ready and were able to make those shifts.  But, what I've found out is:

It doesn't matter how much you KNOW about losing weight, finding a life partner, or making more money. If a special *key element* isn't addressed, no amount of knowledge will be able to get you the results you desire.

Please pass this along to anyone who wants to achieve their desires.  Because, that's what I help people do!