Put me in Coach, I'm Ready to Play!!

Spring!  First Pitch for Phillies!

New beginnings and possibilities


I am back from my working vacation, or should I say my "scouting trip" for the next winter season!  As I said in my last email, I am so blessed to have been able to be with my husband while he was traveling while still being there for my clients!  I actually learned some things about my work while I was away:

  1. Not everyone has done Skype before.  It really was fun teaching clients how to set up their Skype accounts and log on.   I hope they will use it for other things now too!
  2. I am much better delivering Skype sessions now that I had all that practice!
  3. Some things aren't so good to do by the pool...  reading and writing not so good on an iPad outside...
  4. Some things are ok to do by pool... coaching calls are great by a quiet pool, can really focus on the client while looking at the water and blue sky!
  5. I am a happier person when I am warmed by the sunshine!  This true even if I didn't leave the hotel room desk for 5 hours... it was nice knowing the sun was there.

So, thanks to all my peeps for the change of venue!

Yea Spring!  Spring makes me think of, rebirth, rejuvenation and new opportunities to grow. It is the first day of Philadelphia baseball.  Do you think those baseball players are afraid of losing, getting hurt, or making it on the next blooper clip?  They probably do have some sort of fear, but they aren't letting that stop them from working hard, eating right, and putting their whole-selves out there, giving it what they've got.  Much of why they don't get overwhelming fear is that they have many years of hard work, practice, and repetition.   

Are you letting the fear of striking out get in YOUR way?  I know that for years I held my self back from doing more because I didn't like being bad at anything.  But, guess what?  We NEED to be bad at things in order to grow.  It doesn't help us if we just keep dong what we are good at, we need to move different muscles, expand our thinking, experience that new-ness.  Lots of things that we do could be considered practice, or steps to learn something...like a yoga practice, a spiritual practice,  a sewing practice, a medical practice...  So, try something new and think of it as practice.  And, think about failing in that new activity as just a step in the achievement of a goal.  If you don't take the step of failure, you can't achieve.  Or, as one of my coaches, Stacey Morgenstern says..."Fear is just excitement on pause.  Take it off pause and press Play."  

So here is an awesome thought from Wayne Cotton, CLU, of the Cotton System Ltd.:


If you are experiencing:

Overcome it by using:

Forward Motion

What can you do new today...something that you are a bit afraid of maybe???  
Ok, go out and play!  

PS Some random health facts...

- banging your had against the wall burns 150 calories an hour.
- the word "gymnasium" comes from a Greek word gymnazein, which means "to exercise naked".
- according to US FDA standards, 1 cup of Orange Juice is allowed to contain 10 fruit fly eggs, but only 2 maggots.
- I personally witnessed an employee of a convenience store in Florida pick up a hotdog that rolled on the floor and put it back on the roller grill.