Would you talk to your mother that way? STOP the $#%^ talk!

Are you $@!# talking yourself?

Whoa!  What Is Happening To Me?

Our minds are freaking unbelievable!

Hello all! 

Im going to be brutally honest here.  And, I hope that you can support me and know that I am human, just like you and your loved ones.

 During this time of "birthing" my business (RebeccaFit Life Coaching and Training), I've had many challenges. My long, uphill battle with technology (ugh!), the time commitment of my coaching training, and going deep down the rabbit hole of transformation.  

One of the most fascinating thing that I am learning is that our minds workperfectly to get us what we want in regards to:

Sometimes it does that in ways that were learned very early in life, but really don't serve us well anymore.  

For example,

-  if you were starting a business that takes you out of your comfort zone by getting whacked anytime you tried to do anything with your website or email automation or conference calling program....  

-  Or if you were used to moving all day long and not used to sitting at a desk trying to use that technology all...day...long...

-  Or, if you were not used to setting your own time commitments (as opposed to having a booked schedule based on hourly appointments)...

-  Or, if you weren't used to digging into the depths of habits and transformation and how we make decisions and meanings about ourselves and the world....

Yes, I'm the example above.  

So, my basic brain located in the brain stem (I call it my critter brain), has been very busy keeping me safe during all this newness (really a word)...it has made me gain some protective FAT since I started this journey!   So, I find that I am loading up on judgement, disappointment, disgust, and hateful self talk - especially since it is my passion to help others feel good about their bodies

Do you ever feel like that?  Where everything you do is seen through those "yucky, self-critical" lenses? 

Guess What?  STOP that crazy self talk!  No healing or helping ever came from beating ourselves up...if fact, it makes it worse!  Loading up all that negativity will probably push us further down into despair because.... the critter brain will try to protect us more using the only way it knows how - comfort food!!!  But, the critter brain is only trying to help.  So, with some of the skills I now have, I am working with my critter brain to get what I want.    I'm not going to go on some starvation diet or kill myself on the treadmill...I will treat myself they way I would treat one of my amazing clients.  One little change at a time... with respect to my body, my self.

So, because I want all of us to feel good about who we are right now...I am providing you with my free GET MOVING IN THE MORNING Video Series! (I did want to wait until I looked better, but I am being completely accepting of myself as I am right now!)

You don't have to do anything but look for them in your inbox, click, then do the shortGET MOVING IN THE MORING videos for 3 weeks.  They are guaranteed to give you more energy throughout your day.

Let me know what you think about them!  And feel free to share about this email too!

Here is to your best YOU,