Nothing Works,    

Until NOW.

I am Rebecca Kahn. 

Wife.  Mother.  Sister.  Daughter. Friend. Entrepreneur. Yogi. Teacher.  COACH.

There is a reason I've spent the last 20 years helping women respect, feel strong, and in-control of their bodies    I struggled with horrible body image and low self-worth since I was an early teen.  

As a corporate business manager for a Fortune 100 Firm, with a hard working, hard playing life,  I smoked at least 1 pack of cigarettes a day and was obsessed with which fast food drive-thru I was going to hit next.   When my 2nd daughter was born, I was honored (I begged!) to be a stay-at-home mom.  That's when I was able to study and learn about how the body actually works.

It was natural for me to show other women how they could feel better too, so within 1 year, I was certified as a personal trainer, yoga, pilates, and group exercise instructor.    I love training and teaching!

I could see that my clients were struggling with dieting and letting their weight define who they were.  So I dove deeper into neuroscience, ecology, and psychology and learned how our minds work to keep us safe by self-sabotage.  Simultaneously, I learned more about nutrition and the science of weight gain and overeating.  Understanding how our minds and bodies operate was a game changer.  From there I was able to forgive myself and question the thoughts of judgement and shame and really listen to what I needed.

Being free of the confines of body shame and judgement allowed me to embrace a more full and fun life on a higher level than I ever dreamed!

With the tools learned from my HMBA Transformation Coaching Method, Positive Psychology Coaching, The Life Coach School, and NLP training I show women how to fall in love with their lives again; to move, nourish, and take care of their bodies.   I'd love to teach you how you can too.   You can have the life you want TODAY, and yep, even shed unwanted pounds,  I promise.

 Here's how I can help  you.  You will first understand how your mind works with desire, sabotage, fear, beliefs, and habits.  You will receive video lessons and a lesson book to keep all your thought models  (a special tool to help manage your brain).    You will also receive personal coaching calls to bust through what is holding YOU back.  This individual coaching calls provide you with the critical personal touch and accountability you've been missing in all your other programs. This is true transformation - from the inside of your brain and body - you are going to learn a whole new and lasting way to be YOU.   

I'd like you to sign up for a mini session.  We'll talk and find out what you are struggling with and see how I can help.   We'll see if I'm a good match for you, and if you're a good match for one of my programs.   You'll get a chance to ask any questions you might have for me.

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Rebecca has been an integral part in my personal transformation. With her wonderful and revealing program and sessions, I strive for the right balance in life, just like in a yoga pose! Rebecca has a God given gift, she know hows to teach, it’s in her heart, and its her dharma.
— Mari Carmen
Rebecca has really made a difference in my life. She has helped me look at situations with a different perspective and re-evaluate my approach to the situation. The personal attention is extraordinary, she really care about you and your success. She listens to your concerns and what you would like to accomplish and helps you achieve your goals. She is so pleasant to work with and her experience and knowledge have had a very positive influence on my mental and physical health. Thanks for being fabulous Rebecca!
— Eileen
Is Rebecca Kahn a fitness coach? Yes! Is she a nutrition expert? Absolutely! But those things don’t even begin to scratch the surface of what Rebecca does for her clients. At her core, Rebecca is about freedom and joy, and she will meet you wherever you are (and I do mean WHEREVER) and guide and empower you to uncover the things in your life that keep you from living to your fullest. She is compassionate and understanding, but don’t try to give her any BS answer about why you’re settling for less than what you’re capable of, because she will call you on it. Rebecca combines a breadth of knowledge with an ability to see the best in people, and a passion for helping people see the best in themselves. If you’re ready to become who you’re meant to be, call Rebecca—she’ll help you get there.
— Marissa

This works.  You are ready to create the life you want with the energy that will get you there.