Here are a couple of topics that I love presenting for your business or group:

Movement Workshops - learn how to counteract the dangers of poor posture and make your workouts even better!

 - Pain In The Neck - Learn why you are having neck and shoulder pain and how to relieve it.

- Stand Up Straight - Find out the foundations of good posture, why it is so important and how to get it.

- Oh, My Aching Back - Learn how to get mobility in your lower back so youcan be pain free and move smoothly.

You will leave the workshop with information on YOUR body and what you can do to keep your body working the absolute best.  Rebecca has over 16 years of strength, movement, and corrective experience.  Be prepared to take notes and experiment with different movements to really discover what is optimal for YOU.  Each workshop will start with gratitude for where you are and end with the vision of where you can be.

Your Best Body Workshops - find out what is stopping you from being the best you can be.  

- Find Your Energy - Learn how to manifest more energy and find where you are leaking it.

-Real Life Fitness - You do not need to be in the gym 24/7 - learn how to program efficient training that fits with your life.

- Body Love - Feel great about your body right now!